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When flooding or plumbing issues inundate buildings, The Restoration Group in Milford, DE provides prompt, thorough water removal services backed by industry-leading equipment and IICRC-certified technicians.

Rapid water extraction minimizes damage to your property by halting moisture contact with susceptible materials. Save your property before it’s too late.

Address Water Damage Before It Gets Worse

When water disasters strike, every passing minute allows more damage to your property’s structural integrity and aesthetics. The key is to start the water removal process as soon as possible. TRG’s IICRC-certified technicians utilize industry best practices to rapidly remove water and humidity from your property. Prompt water removal can prevent additional damage like:
  • Warping of floors and walls
  • Electrical system short-circuiting
  • Accelerated growth of mold, bacteria, and other unwanted microbial growth
  • Permanent staining, erosion, and rotting of materials

In as little as 48 hours, unattended water can create unseen issues. We recommend immediately seeking help from our water removal experts to avoid costly and catastrophic damage to your home or business.

Common Causes for Water Damage

Water damage can originate from various sources, each presenting unique challenges. Knowing the most frequent culprits allows you to better protect against them. Here are some of the most common causes:
  • Natural Disasters – Hurricanes, flash floods, heavy rainstorms, and snow melts can quickly overwhelm infrastructure and release water with devastating force.
  • Leaky Roofs and Plumbing – A small leak might not immediately stand out. But over hours and days, dripping water adds up to cause immense damage.
  • Appliance Failures – Malfunctioning water heaters, pipes, dishwasher hoses, washing machines, and refrigerators with ice makers commonly cause appliance-related flooding.
  • Sewage Backups – Clogged drains can overflow toilets, floor drains, and sinks, unleashing bacteria-laden sewage throughout properties.
Our water restoration technicians at TRG specialize in skillfully responding to all water related catastrophes. With our staff’s extensive experience and advanced equipment, we can respond rapidly, no matter the circumstances.

Stress-Free Turnkey Solution

We know discovering water damage generates huge stress and uncertainty over where to turn. Our business strives to provide a seamless, simplified solution so you can focus on recovery, not logistics.

Our compassionate client coordinator will arrange a prompt assessment appointment at your convenience while answering your questions to help you understand what to expect. Once our technicians arrive, we handle the entire mitigation process with industry-leading equipment and techniques while keeping you informed.

As natives of the communities we serve, taking care of neighbors in difficult times is our privilege.

Our Water Removal Process


Once one of our technicians arrives at the job site, they’ll perform an inspection to determine appropriate removal methods based on factors like water type, flooding scale, and contamination levels. We’ll immediately create a restoration plan based on our findings.


Our water restoration technicians will utilize industry best practices to rapidly clear standing water from every surface while protecting undamaged materials.

Removal of Damaged Materials

When the water is removed, our team will focus on identifying any irreversibly damaged materials and working diligently to remove and dispose of them appropriately. We’ll also clean up areas and prepare them for future repairs.

Drying and Dehumidifying

We will bring in dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out your property after it has been cleared of debris. This step will protect it from further damage and mold growth.

Water Damage Repairs

TRG can begin focusing on any necessary repairs that your home or business may require once your property is water-free, thoroughly dried, and cleaned of flood damage. As a comprehensive restoration company, we offer expert water damage repairs and handle damage of any size or scope.

Why Choose TRG

24/7 Emergency Service

At TRG, we know water disasters can strike anytime, day or night. That’s why we have an entire team of IICRC-certified technicians around the clock, ready to be dispatched to your property when flooding or uncontrolled moisture is detected. Our 24/7 emergency line means you get to speak with a real team member instantly, no matter when your emergency arises.

We don’t rely on voicemail or callbacks. Within 1 to 2 hours of your call, we’ll send over a technician to start the water removal process immediately.

Professional-Grade Equipment

Our company invests in best-in-class water removal technology so we can rapidly extract large volumes of water while protecting your property with our commercial-grade equipment.

We also utilize commercial dehumidifiers and air movers that draw astonishing amounts of moisture from the air and materials in damaged areas. This specialized equipment allows our team to thoroughly dry spaces down to acceptable relative humidity levels that resist mold growth.

Preventative Mold Measures

Effective water extraction is vital in flooded spaces. If your home or business suffers water damage, don’t overlook the importance of proper drying in order to prevent possible mold growth before reconstruction. Click the link to learn more.

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