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Fire Damage Restoration

Your Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Partner

The Restoration Group in Milford, DE offers fully integrated emergency services and restoration solutions tailored to your and your property’s current needs. Our IICRC-certified technicians utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques perfected over decades to respond to fire-impacted residential and commercial properties across Delmarva.

Full-Service Fire Restoration

We provide complete fire damage inspection, securing, mitigation, cleaning, reconstruction, and coordination services for homes and businesses. Our specialists can seamlessly conduct emergency response, temporary repairs, cleaning, demolition, debris removal, and smoke deodorization to fire-damaged properties. We also help clients claim documentation, coordinate projects, and rehabilitate their structures.

This suite of services makes us the ideal restoration partner for whenever you experience a fire-related disaster.

Emergency Fire Board-Up Services

TRG’s technicians expertly seal compromised structures to prohibit weather infiltration, unauthorized entry, and pest destruction as permanent repairs are evaluated. We adhere to established protocols while deploying all necessary supplies to safely secure the structure.Our fire board-up services encompass:
  • Boarding damaged windows, doors, and breached walls
  • Installing temporary roof repairs and waterproof tarping
  • Reinforcing compromised structural components
  • Restricting access to unstable areas
  • Erecting protective barriers during restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Our company adheres to best practice protocols guided by IICRC standards for safe, complete fire damage restoration spanning emergency response through reconstruction.

Emergency Response

TRG uses strategic scheduling to maintain 24/7 service, connecting you to one of our local team members. When we receive an emergency call for fire damage restoration, we can immediately dispatch an IICRC-certified technician to respond within an average of 1 to 2 hours.

The technician will arrive in one of our service vehicles that’s stocked and equipped with what they need to address minor, intermediate, and immediate issues.


A thorough site assessment marks the starting point of each fire restoration project our team members undertake once they arrive at your location. Our team works diligently to document losses through date-stamped photos/videos from multiple angles. Capturing this vital information early allows us to coordinate demolition, repair sequencing, and insurance approvals efficiently with adjusters and contractors.

Board-Ups and Tarping

We recognize that timeliness is critical when sealing fire-damaged structures before additional rain, wind, or unauthorized human intrusion can exacerbate property loss and safety risks. Our entire operations model centers around rapid response across wide service areas.

You can trust our teams to arrive with all the necessary materials to properly seal exposed areas quickly after arriving at your location. We follow established protocols to effectively prevent further destruction due to weather, pests, and trespassing.

Water Removal

We address any standing water on your property as this does the most damage over time if left unchecked. Our team uses commercial-grade extraction equipment capable of moving vast amounts of liquid in a short span. We’ll also take immense care not to damage any furnishings, finishing, and other items on your property while conducting the extraction.

We place commercial dehumidifiers and air movers throughout to monitor humidity levels during drying. This comprehensive water removal prevents further loss from moisture damage and prepares the structure for demolition and repairs.

Damage Cleanup

Our company offers complete solutions beyond fire board-ups and securing your property. We are fully equipped to address water, smoke, soot, corrosion, and collapse damage threats that continue escalating after flames are extinguished. Our technicians extract water, clean HVAC systems, remove debris, test for asbestos, demolish/rebuild affected areas, and coordinate long-term repairs for full site rehabilitation.

Entrust your entire fire damage restoration process to our insured, trained staff backed by decades of experience solely dedicated to emergency response and remediation. We ease frustrations while eliminating safety threats and property loss from fire-related contamination or structural instability.

Repair Work

We approach fire damage repairs by recreating affected architectural elements that are true to a building’s original style. Our team of licensed contractors demolish irreparable materials and then utilize in-kind solutions to replicate the functionality and aesthetics lost to the flames.

We install replacement doors, windows, flooring, drywall, cabinets, and countertops matching former layouts, dimensions, and finishes. This blended expertise delivers custom fire repairs, allowing your property to be restored to its pre-loss condition.

Fire Damage Repairs

TRG is a licensed general contractor fully equipped to restore all structural and finish elements compromised by fire. We replicate the original aesthetics and functionality using in-kind materials when replacing:
  • Cabinets and Countertops
  • Doors and Windows
  • Drywall and Insulation
  • Flooring Systems
  • Plumbing, HVAC,and Electrical
We can also create new designs to mark the new chapter of your property.

Soot Cleaning and Smoke Deodorization

Eliminating contamination from smoke, soot, and chemical residues left by fire requires calibrated commercial-grade cleaning solutions and methods. We invest continually in the most advanced systems to gently yet thoroughly restore interior environments without exacerbating losses.

We configure professional scrubbers, detergents, and sealants to address the specific particulate profile and level of porosity unique to each event. Precision cleaning removes stubborn pollutants while preserving your property’s structural integrity and valuables.

Our technicians also address any lingering odors through repeated applications of odor sealers. This deodorizing treatment absorbs and then permanently caps residual smells.

Why Choose TRG

24/7 Emergency Service

We maintain 24-hour readiness to immediately assist fire-impacted property owners, as prompt response directly correlates to damage control. Both our intake team and field technicians participate in continual on-call rotations to ensure live support anytime flames or explosions affect local structures. You need not wait for morning to seek help in containing active fire threats, smoke spread, or water loss.

Quick Board-Ups and Tarping

Promptly sealing fire-damaged buildings is imperative before additional rain, wind, or unauthorized human intrusion worsens property loss and safety risks. Our entire operations model centers around rapid response across wide service areas. We pride ourselves in conducting immediate, board-ups and tarping.

You can trust our teams to arrive with everything necessary to properly secure exposed areas. We follow established protocols to prevent further damage until permanent repairs begin.

Insurance Assistance

The vast majority of basic homeowners insurance and commercial property policies cover various types of fire damage and associated restoration costs. Water removal, board up and tarping, smoke cleaning and deodorization, and even damage to your belongings due to fire and smoke are typically covered. We urge you to always check with your provider to confirm your coverage specifics.

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