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Water Damage Restoration

Restoring Your Water Damaged Property

Unchecked water damage doesn’t just comprise structures and materials; it can also make areas unsuitable for occupancy. That’s why effective restoration requires drying materials to acceptable moisture content levels. – At The Restoration Group in Milford, DE, we provide complete water damage restoration services so homes and businesses on the Delmarva Peninsula can rapidly recover from large and small water-related disasters.

Our IICRC-certified technicians and experienced office staff are available immediately when catastrophe strikes. With top-tier equipment, years of local experience, and compassionate care, we aim to deliver effective solutions.

Comprehensive Restoration Services

We offer services to repair water-damaged homes and businesses effectively. Our comprehensive restoration system provides structural and aesthetic rehabilitation – including demolition, drying, mold prevention, reconstruction, and more.

Our team utilizes advanced drying equipment and proven restoration techniques perfected over our years of servicing the local community. We handle every phase, from emergency water extraction to reconstruction services.

We encourage you to call us at the first signs of flooding or uncontrolled moisture so we can take prompt action. But even in prolonged cases with existing severe damage, we can create an effective plan to rehabilitate your home or business.

Repairing Water Damage

Not all water disasters are created equal. A pinhole pipe leak in one room may require some drywall repair and new flooring. But storm-based flooding submerging an entire home in contaminated water demands extensive restoration.

Our mitigation and restoration experts have the skills, certifications, and equipment to handle all varieties and scales of residential and commercial water damage. From minor fixes to massive multi-phase reconstruction efforts, our crews tackle it all.

There’s no project too large or complex for our water damage crews. We’ve seen it all over the years as we serve counties across Delaware and Maryland. You name it – we can restore it!

Common Causes

The following are the typical water damage causes we frequently respond to:

  • Natural Disasters – Hurricanes, flash floods, heavy rainstorms, and snow melts can quickly overwhelm infrastructure and release water with devastating force. Storm-related flooding is a significant source of catastrophe we mitigate.
  • Leaking and Burst Pipes – A small leak might not immediately stand out. But over hours and days, dripping water from faulty plumbing adds up and can cause extensive damage.
  • Appliance Failures – Malfunctioning water heaters, pipes, dishwasher and washing machine supply lines, and ice maker lines commonly cause appliance-related flooding. Corroded components on these appliances can also cause water damage.
  • Sewage Backups – Clogged drains can lead to overflowing toilets, floor drains, and sinks that unleash bacteria-laden sewage throughout properties.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Here is the general workflow you can expect when TRG undertakes your water disaster restoration project:

Damage Inspection and Assessment

After speaking with a TRG Team member, we will immediately dispatch a technician to your location. We are available 24/7 to help you sort out your current water damage situation.

Our priority upon arrival is inspecting all affected areas to understand the scope of the project and potential contamination levels, material damage. We will then inform you of the initial restoration plans.

Water Extraction

Standing water is a massive threat to your property. Significant damage can be caused within minutes of water coming into contact with the materials on your property.

Initially, we will extract any standing water. Our technicians use air movers and dehumidifiers to aid in eliminating water that has soaked into your property’s walls, floors, and furnishings.

Material Removal

Now, the true restoration begins! Once the water is removed, our team will shift the focus to identifying any irreversibly damaged materials and then working diligently to remove and dispose of those damaged items. During this step we will clean out any debris and materials, and prepping the areas for future repairs.

Drying and Humidity Control

After clearing the area, our technicians will completely dry the space and normalize the humidity levels using our professional-grade air movers and dehumidifiers. We also conduct detailed cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing to remove contaminants and restore the affected areas.


Once the space is safe for occupancy and cleared of debris, TRG conducts extensive water damage repair. Our technicians will address the aesthetic and functional damage impacting your property.

We are a licensed and certified company capable of handling water damage repairs of all types and severities. You can count on us no matter the size or scope of the project.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

The vast majority of basic homeowners insurance and commercial property policies cover various types of unexpected water damage and associated restoration costs. Plumbing issues, material damage, and even damage to your belongings due to standing water are typically covered. We urge you to always check with your provider to confirm your coverage specifics.

Why Choose TRG

24/7 Emergency Service

TRG knows water disasters can strike at any moment, day or night. That’s why we have an entire team of IICRC-certified technicians around the clock, ready to be dispatched to your property when flooding or uncontrolled moisture is detected. Within 90 minutes of your call, we’ll dispatch a technician to start the inspection and restoration planning process immediately.

Professional-Grade Equipment and Training

Our company invests in the most advanced water damage restoration technology so we can rapidly extract moisture while protecting your property. Our commercial-grade equipment includes the latest restoration equipment including water extraction equipment, durable air movers and dehumidifiers, HEPA-filtered negative air machines, antimicrobial applicators, and more.

Our technicians also complete continuing education annually to properly operate the newest and best equipment. We provide exceptional results because we use professional-grade equipment.

Insurance Assistance

The financial stress of a water disaster adds to the immense burden of dealing with property damage. TRG can assist in navigating the insurance coverage process as requested.

Water Damage Restoration

As your turn-key restoration company, The Restoration Group can quickly and effectively complete your water restoration project. Choosing to work with TRG will streamline the restoration process and simplify every aspect, from initial inspection through completion. Contact us or click the link below to learn more.

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