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Odor Removal

Residual odor is normal after fires. The Restoration Group’s certified odor remediators rehabilitate interiors and belongings using certified techniques. We contain affected areas and then utilize air scrubbers, filtering the air to make it free of soot and odor surpassing the MERV ratings of typical HVAC systems. Powerful HEPA vacuums draw residue from surfaces. Our Milford, DE-based company also uses more advanced cleaning and deodorizing methods for stubborn smoke stains and damage.

The Dangers of Smoke Damage

Soot is acidic and, in a short time (48 to 72 hours), it will start pitting and discoloring many household items. Meanwhile, smoke can damage beyond the fire-affected room. Smoke particles can travel throughout your property to contaminate other areas. These will land on all surfaces and material, producing stubborn stains and odors. TRG’s certified technicians will promptly conduct smoke damage cleaning and soot removal in your fire-affected property to protect your belongings, such as:
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Draperies
  • Ducting
  • Windows and Mirrors

Smoke Damage Cleaning Process


Our comprehensive inspections determine the procedures we’ll use for the smoke removal plan. We evaluate soot distribution and odor concentration to determine the appropriate response. Our technicians also gather all appropriate readings to quantify improvement.


Technicians methodically wipe all surfaces with microfiber cloths moistened by degreasing cleaners tailored for respective material types. We scrub crevices holding sticky residue using non-abrasive tools, taking care of antique furnishings. Soft surfaces like carpets and drapes undergo gentle HEPA vacuuming to lift particulates without abrasion.

We employ advanced fogging equipment dispensing deodorizers into porous substances via atomized mists. Our multi-pronged cleaning attacks smoke residue from all angles, preparing spaces for odor treatment.

Our cleaning methods are vast depending on the types of materials affected.


Smoke particles may dissipate, but associated odors often persist. We utilize professional deodorization techniques after surface cleaning. Our specialized methods and solutions neutralize odor sources and foul smells at a molecular level.

For rapid refreshment, high-volume air scrubbers flood spaces with filtered air. Antimicrobial coatings treat duct interiors to prevent future recurrence, while sealants encapsulate lingering smells behind walls. Our odor elimination protocols finally allow clients to overcome unpleasant fumes.


After concluding our thorough cleaning and deodorizing process, we shift focus to structural restorations, allowing safe re-occupancy. Our crews handle necessary repairs like cleaning HVAC systems, replacing contaminated insulation, or installing new drywall.

We can also paint surfaces with intumescent paints, resisting soot accumulation if future fires occur. Odor-blocking primers receive top coats, allowing for a refreshed aesthetic. Our project managers oversee in-house repairs to provide single-source accountability. TRG restores cleaned properties to pre-fire conditions so clients can move forward.

Smoke Deodorization Services

Smoke odors linger even after visible residue and soot are removed, delaying a return to normalcy. We offer professional smoke deodorization tailored to each unique restoration. Our odor elimination techniques are based on decades of fire damage restoration experience. We use advanced tools and plans to remove all odors after fires. Our smoke deodorization services allow families to reclaim their properties and fully move forward after devastating disasters.

Why Choose TRG

24/7 Emergency Service

Disasters like fires can ignite overnight or on weekends, enabling smoke to permeate properties during off-hours. But our smoke damage cleaning services don’t stop when the clock strikes five. We provide 24/7 assistance, so you receive immediate support following blazes. Our after-hours emergency line connects directly with live TRG staff prepared to dispatch technicians to your location. By responding quickly, we can prevent contamination from spreading and minimize the required cleaning efforts.

Professional-Grade Equipment

We utilize commercial-grade air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, and fogging devices for smoke damage cleaning, which is unachievable with residential equipment. Our industrial-scale air scrubbers filter over 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns, extracting microscopic contaminants. We also leverage commercial fogging devices that atomize deodorizers to saturate structural cavities. These professional tools and our years of remediation experience effectively inform our cleaning processes.

Insurance Assistance

The vast majority of basic homeowners insurance and commercial property policies cover various types of smoke damage and associated restoration costs. Restoration, deodorizing and cleaning of smoke damage are typically covered. We urge you to always check with your provider to confirm your coverage specifics.

Talk to Fire Restoration Experts

Contact our company at (833) 633-3874 to schedule comprehensive smoke removal assessments. Our personalized plans and compassionate guidance enable your household to recover from fire disasters. Call today to get started on the path toward smoke-free living.

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