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Meet the Team

Meet the TRG Team

Get to know the compassionate professionals of The Restoration Group in Milford, DE. Our locally owned company is guided by founding partners who treat clients like family during difficult disasters.

Beyond immediately securing properties, our frontline technicians build trusting relationships with our clients.

Our team pursues continuing education throughout the year, adopting innovative equipment and processes that improve service delivery. We are committed to easing burdens when disaster strikes.

Josh Muncy

Co-Founder and Owner

Josh is an entrepreneur, devoted father, and avid sportsman. He enjoys bowhunting and is passionate about wildlife conservation. He lives in Milford with his wife and daughter.

Josh is a native Delawarean committed to supporting local businesses and community organizations.

TRG was born of this commitment to provide our community with effective and efficient local mitigation and restoration support. His knowledge of the industry, expertise in mitigation and construction, and calm demeanor allow him to connect with homeowners during difficult situations. Josh’s interactions with clients, friends, and family show his devotion to helping others in any capacity.

His dedication to providing excellent, reliable service begins at the ground level with education. When asked about the education process for mitigation certification, Josh stated, “I think it’s great for our industry to have a governing body that certifies our training. I do feel that the IICRC should be more involved with tech schools and adult education programs. I think we are missing out on a huge labor pool by relying on companies to provide all the training.”

Continuing education is a huge part of TRG. Every full-time employee, including office staff, is at least a certified Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT). This allows for a better understanding of our part in the mitigation and restoration process.

As we look to the future of TRG, Josh understands that, as an organization, we have to keep our eyes on the big picture and not get lost in everyday emergencies. Befitting his nature, Josh looks within TRG to provide motivation and growth. He reminds our team that TRG would not be where it is today without us. He will always support and help the team grow personally and professionally. As we continue to help and support as many families as possible, we will become Delaware’s go-to mitigation and restoration company.

Tom Payton

Co-Owner and Founder

Tom has been married to his high school sweetheart, Tanja, for 35 years. His son and daughter-in-law blessed them with three grandkids they enjoy immensely. His favorite hobbies include hunting,fishing, cornhole,and he loves being outdoors. He is passionate about fighting childhood illnesses and supports the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, the St. Jude organization, and other local fundraising efforts.

Tom has worked in construction since he was about 18 years old. When the opportunity to move from construction to restoration presented itself, he was enthusiastic to expand his knowledge and skills. He aims to systematically grow our company while keeping an eye on our current staff to ensure everyone is given opportunities to advance within the company as their abilities allow. He believes IICRC certification should be required for all technicians before entering the field and that, as an industry, it should be a standard for all mitigation companies.

Tom greatly supports hiring from within and empowers our staff to strive for more in their professional and personal endeavors. He leads by example, recognizing his challenge of not getting ahead of himself and remembering to follow an administrative process. He encourages our team to remember that there are many challenges in life and business; deciding to push through and never give up is a choice we must make and follow through.

TRG will undoubtedly grow from a foundation of trust and strength where each member is valued and supported. Tom’s outreach into the community and businesses in our area will ensure that our name becomes synonymous with fast response and quality service.

Scott Reynolds

General Manager

Scott is married with four children and one grandchild. His favorite pastimes include playing with his granddaughter and deer hunting. He is passionate about supporting organizations dedicated to finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) locally and nationally.

Scott joined Team TRG in January of 2022. He has been in the mitigation industry for 17 years and in construction for 13 years before that, doing new construction, commercial, and fire restoration projects in Maryland. During Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, his team cleaned 28 schools and had them cleared by certified industrial hygienists in 30 days. That’s a huge accomplishment in our field, and we’re grateful to have him leading our organization as General Manager.

Scott supports our goal of being the best mitigation and restoration company in Delaware. As General Manager, he is strategic when hiring staff, looking at someone’s skills and experience.

Scott identifies strengths and weaknesses within our team and can provide support where necessary, always considering how changes will trickle down to the rest of the organization. He also encourages continued education through IICRC certifications, believing they are well thought out and can be informative for real-life experiences.

Scott is an incredible addition to our team. His experience in this industry is invaluable, and the rest of our team will benefit greatly from his tutelage as TRG solidifies its position as the best mitigation and restoration company in Delaware.

Alexis Vickers

Company Administrator

Alexis and her husband are raising two very energetic boys in Dagsboro. She advocates for neurodivergence and autism in our community, serving on boards and councils that support awareness, acceptance, and education. She enjoys spending time with her family, attending community events, and reading.

As Office Manager for TRG since 2018, Alexis’s experience and dedication are evident in every task she undertakes. She approaches all aspects of any project with a hard-working mindset and is passionate about helping find solutions to TRG’s challenges.

Roxanne Murray

Client Coordinator

Roxanne was born and raised in Sussex County. She graduated from Cape Henlopen High School, and also graduated from Delaware Tech with an associate degree in business and accounting. Roxanne enjoys going on adventures with her family, including trips to Assateague’s drive-on beach and summer vacations to new destinations. She also enjoys live music, especially concerts at Red Rocks!

Roxanne joined our team in 2022. Although new to the industry, she shows a great passion and yearning for knowledge. Roxanne’s genuine empathy toward others is one of the reasons she is a perfect fit for our Client Coordinator position. Roxanne is also our internal cheerleader; she loves seeing her coworkers succeed and celebrates them every chance she gets.

Justin Estes

Project Manager

Justin has been with The Restoration Group since April of 2023. He is a decorated military veteran and has been in the building trades for 15 years. He has worked as a Project Manager in various industries, primarily as a Construction Project Manager, for over eight years.

His straightforward manner ensures projects are completed on time and within budget while building trust and confidence with our clients. Justin is a natural leader and provides guidance and mentorship to those around him while maintaining a kind and positive attitude.

Marvin Herrera

Marvin joined TRG in 2022. His work ethic gets things done the right way and with excellence. He shows great pride in his craft and goes above and beyond to ensure things are completed to his satisfaction. His work is often used as an example of TRG’s expectations.

Marvin leads by example and supports those around him. He likes to work with a team because “as a team, we can get farther.” He is a very hard worker and can lead a team to success!

John Merson

John came on as an Estimator for TRG in February of 2023. He has been with his teenage sweetheart since age 16 and has two wonderful children. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, attending church, and traveling.

His experience with insurance claims and the construction industry allows him to be comfortable walking clients through the mitigation and rebuilding process. His number one priority is always TRG’s clients.

John’s experience is in both residential homes and commercial facilities. He has been deemed an expert in construction by the judicial system and testified as an expert witness in court cases. His skills have indeed been an asset to TRG.

Luis Hernandez

Luis is a mitigation technician and has been with TRG since 2021. He is a husband and father and currently resides in Sussex County. He has multiple IICRC certifications, including Water Damage Restoration, Applied Structural Drying, Trauma and Crime Scene, and Applied Microbial Remediation.

Luis’ calm and collected demeanor makes him a fantastic first contact during a mitigation loss. He can evaluate a situation and communicate empathetically but efficiently with the client. He treats each loss carefully and does his best to ensure the job is completed to TRG’s standards.

Isaias Ramirez

Isaias recently joined our team but has shown incredible potential and passion for our industry. He is an active listener and always willing to participate in any task.

Isaias has experienced our industry’s mitigation and restoration sides and would like to be more involved in the reconstruction phase. He would like to lead a team of his own one day, and TRG is happy to support him in this endeavor.

Isaias enjoys working with his coworkers and greatly respects TRG’s owners and leadership team. We hope to provide him with the opportunity to grow within our organization and look forward to being part of his future achievements.

Bryan Ramos

Bryan is a new addition to our TRG team but is incredibly friendly and optimistic. He is empathetic, caring, and helpful. He enjoys spending time with his significant other, traveling, and discovering new foods. He is passionate about mental health and supporting individuals through their journey.

Bryan’s willingness to listen to others’ input and support his team helps maintain a positive work environment. He is motivated by selflessly helping others and feels pride in seeing them overcome their challenges. His goal is to grow within TRG and complete additional IICRC certifications.

Constant Improvement to Serve You Better

Every TRG team member attends regular training and workshops to earn and maintain their IICRC certifications. This approach to professional development allows our company to provide the very best service possible to our clients year after year.

Commitment to Customer Service

TRG team members share an uncompromising commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We aim to be a compassionate partner for our clients, treating every project with personal care and attention.

Our technicians do not view projects as job sites but as people’s homes and livelihoods. We conduct all work with an understanding of its profound personal implications. TRG gives clients direct access to their project manager, who understands their unique situation and needs.

By pairing our technical expertise with steadfast emotional support, our company delivers satisfying outcomes even amid challenging situations. Our customer relationships run deeper than transactions – we aim to be partners through life’s ups and downs.

Be a Part of TRG

Do you share our passion for helping people in difficult circumstances? Does being there when your neighbors need it most energize and excite you?

Submit a resume to get started on an incredibly fulfilling career helping Delmarva neighbors and businesses recover when disaster strikes. We can’t wait to meet you!

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