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Fixing Water Damaged Properties

When your home or business suffers water damage, every minute untreated leads to worsening conditions. Call the water damage repair experts at The Restoration Group to get help with your water damage repair needs. With several decades of combined experience, we offer full-service repairs to handle projects small and large across Milford, DE and the Delmarva Peninsula.

Full-Service Water Repairs

We aim to serve as the one-stop water damage repair company on the Delmarva Peninsula, handling a wide range of services (ranging from minor drywall fixes to full-scale restorations) in-house without the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors. Our extensive experience managing residential and commercial projects uniquely qualifies us to return any property back to pre-loss conditions or better.

Our Team will determine what can be restored or replaced and then provide complete repairs to return your home or business to normal.

Our compassionate staff understands that addressing damage on your property can be highly stressful, making communication a top priority. TRG develops customized solutions tailored to your unique situation to simplify complex processes.

Types of Water Damage Repair

Water damage can originate from many different places, and each source brings its own types of damage and requisite repairs. The most common types of repairs that we do include:

Storm Damage Repairs

Powerful winds, lightning strikes, hail, and wind-driven rains from storms can destroy your property’s roofs, siding, windows, and other structural components. TRG can promptly handle the repair of these parts to ensure you’re protected when the next weather event hits. Our storm damage repair services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Patch/replace storm-damaged shingles, flashing, and siding to prevent leaks
  • Repair water-stained drywall ceilings from roof leaks
  • Replace shattered windows/doors that allow water intrusion
  • Reinforce weakened walls, foundations, etc., due to flooding

Reconstruction and Remodeling

In severe, long-term water exposure cases, full-scale reconstruction of affected areas may be required. TRG is a licensed general contractor able to perform any size remodel, such as:
  • Complete removal and replacements of floor/ceiling systems
  • Kitchen/bathroom remodels, including plumbing, electrical, etc.
  • Installation of flooding prevention systems like sump pumps and backflow valves

Water Damage Repair Process

The Restoration Group follows this strategic process across all water damage repair projects:

Water Damage Inspection

Once you contact us about your water damage issue, our client coordinator will schedule a prompt inspection with our estimator. As soon as our estimator arrives, we will do a comprehensive inspection of your project’s scope and prepare a complete estimate for repairs.

Water Extraction

We address any standing water on your property as this does the most damage over time if left unchecked. Our team utilizes commercial grade extraction equipment. We’ll also take immense care not to damage any furnishings, finishing, and other items on your property while conducting the extraction.

Damaged Materials Removal

Immediately following water removal, our technicians analyze moisture levels and material integrity. We use professional-grade equipment to detect hidden saturation behind walls/under floors. From here, we determine what can be restored vs. what requires replacement. Our crew also uses this step to clear the area for future repairs.

Drying and Dehumidifying

Standing water may be gone from your property, but damaging amounts of moisture may still be left in your walls, floors, siding, and furnishings. TRG uses state-of-the-art air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to drive out any excess water and moisture from your property. Doing this drying and dehumidifying step not only normalizes the humidity in your home or business but also greatly reduces the chance of mold developing.

Full-Service Repair Work

Once the space has undergone all the steps above, our client coordinator will start facilitating the repairs process, keeping clients involved at every stage. We strive to minimize disruption where possible through careful staging. All work is performed according to industry best practices and local code compliance.

Upon finishing the repairs, we walk the property with clients, addressing any concerns and ensuring the restored parts are in prime condition or better.

Why Choose TRG

24/7 Emergency Service

We know that water disasters can strike at any hour, demanding urgent response. That’s why our IICRC-certified technicians are available 24/7 to address damage from burst pipes or appliance leaks, flooding damage, and other residential or commercial water catastrophes. We’ll promptly dispatch our rapid response teams upon your call to begin immediate water removal, document losses, and initiate structural drying protocols around the clock.

Professional-Grade Equipment

TRG leverages the latest technology and techniques to deliver effective water damage repair services, day or night. Our technicians utilize professional-grade extraction tools, dehumidifiers, air movers, and moisture meters to stabilize water disasters and prevent further structural issues.

We also invest heavily in ongoing IICRC certification training across service lines, so our team is always prepared to follow strict protocols and restore your property safely. With top-quality commercial equipment plus the expertise gained from regular training, you can trust that our company has the capabilities to tackle any water damage repair or rebuilding project.

Insurance Assistance

The financial stress of a water disaster adds to the immense burden of dealing with property damage. TRG can assist in navigating the insurance coverage process as requested.

Restore Your Property to Pre-Flood Condition

If your home or business suffers flooding disasters from weather events, plumbing failures, or other causes, come to us for our professional Flood Damage Cleanup offerings. Get in touch or follow the link below for details.

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