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Protect Your Damaged Property With Fire Board-Up Services

Boarding and tarping exposed areas after a property fire is crucial in preventing additional harm to your home or business from weather, theft, and the elements. Improper installation leaves them vulnerable before restoration is completed.

The Restoration Group in Milford, DE follows established protocols to safely secure fire-impacted structures of any size. Our IICRC-certified technicians carry the necessary supplies to safely secure the structure. We address urgent board-up requests 24/7, safety permitting.

Types of Fire-Related Damage

Flames, extreme heat, and related destruction damage homes and businesses in minutes. However, the damage can escalate over subsequent hours, days, or weeks.

Several elements require rapid response following fire related damage, including:

Water Damage

Suppression water permeates buildings, harming finishes and structural components. This moisture enables mold, warping, and corrosion that continues to increase property damage.

Smoke Damage

Residue from burnt materials bonds to surfaces and penetrates deep into porous construction materials and fabrics. Toxins and particulates contaminate HVAC systems, causing them to spread beyond the fire-affected area.

Structural Instability

Supporting infrastructure, including floors, walls, and load-bearing elements, may be left severely compromised after extreme heat exposure.

Security Vulnerabilities

Forced entry by first responders and damaged windows and doors create opportunities for trespassing, theft, and additional vandalism at affected sites.

Weather Intrusion

Roof or wall destruction enables ongoing water incursion anytime storms strike before repairs are complete. These broken components can magnify restoration costs dramatically over time.

Fire Board-Up Process

From initial dispatch through site departure, we adhere to company protocols when securing fire-damaged buildings. Our step-by-step fire board-up process includes:

1. Emergency Dispatch

TRG maintains continual readiness to mobilize fire board-up crews. Both administrative staff and field technicians participate in an on-call rotation to ensure prompt availability 24/7.

2. Assess Damage On-Site

Upon arriving at a fire-damaged property, our team will prioritize safety and stability. Crews will assess all compromised areas that require sealing or reinforcement. Our teams take thorough notes, photos, and videos to best coordinate with restoration contractors on permanent repairs later.

3. Boarding and Tarping

Our technicians install temporary board up materials, including tarps after inspections are done. We carry all necessary supplies to safely secure the structure.

Fire Damage Restoration

Our company offers complete solutions beyond fire board-ups and securing your property. We are fully equipped to address water, smoke, soot, corrosion, and collapse damage threats that continue escalating after flames are extinguished. Our technicians extract water, clean HVAC systems, remove debris, test for asbestos, demolish/rebuild affected areas, and coordinate long-term repairs for full site rehabilitation.

Entrust your entire fire damage restoration process to our insured, trained staff backed by decades of experience solely dedicated to emergency response and remediation. We ease frustrations while eliminating safety threats and property loss from fire-related contamination or structural instability.

Why Choose TRG

24/7 Emergency Service

TRG provides true around-the-clock emergency response, as fires can spark at any hour. We maintain continual readiness to mobilize trained fire board-up crews across our broad Delmarva Peninsula service area. Both administrative staff and field technicians participate in an on-call rotation to ensure prompt availability every day. When clients call in through 833-NEED-TRG/(833) 633-3874, we immediately dispatch a certified team to secure exposed areas vulnerable to further loss.

Quick Board-Ups and Tarping

We recognize that timeliness is critical when sealing fire-damaged structures before additional rain, wind, or unauthorized human intrusion can exacerbate property loss and safety risks. Our entire operations model centers around rapid response across wide service areas.

You can trust our teams to arrive with all the necessary materials to properly seal exposed areas quickly after arriving at your location. We follow established protocols to effectively prevent further destruction due to weather, pests, and trespassing.

Insurance Assistance

The vast majority of basic homeowners insurance and commercial property policies cover fire damage and associated restoration costs. Board up & tarping, material damage, and even damage to your belongings due to fire and smoke damage are typically covered. We urge you to always check with your provider to confirm your coverage specifics.

Restore Your Property to Pre-Fire Condition

Proper emergency board-ups are just the initial phase of responding to fire-related destruction. Comprehensive restoration must be done to address water damage, smoke contamination, structural repairs, and complete site rehabilitation. TRG offers turnkey solutions, guiding clients seamlessly from the immediate board-up through mitigation and rebuilding. Learn more by clicking the link below.

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