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Hassle-Free Mold Removal Services

Visible microbial growth signals potentially dangerous infestations requiring professional intervention. The Restoration Group in Milford, DE offers certified mold inspection and removal services to rehabilitate contaminated properties on Delmarva. Our certified technicians utilize containment zones, HEPA air scrubbers, and antimicrobial products to remediate mold safely. We handle necessary demolition and then dehumidify spaces to moisture levels inhospitable for spore cultivation.

Professional Mold Remediation

Our company leverages decades of industry experience alongside the latest remediation technology to deliver best practice mold solutions. Our technicians utilize commercial-grade HEPA air scrubbers surpassing common filter capabilities to halt spore spread. We also employ industrial dehumidification systems capable of achieving optimal equilibrium levels in large spaces. Strict adherence to established containment protocols informed by IICRC guidelines ensures meticulous mold remediation.

Whether conducting surface remediation or pursuing invasive growth behind walls, our methods derive from years of past success stories in improving clients’ living conditions.

Service Walkthrough

Assistance for Home and Business Owners

Once you’ve reported mold growth to one of our restoration specialists, TRG will contact you to arrange an initial inspection. You do not need to contact your insurance company before this visit.


For impacted regions exceeding 10 square feet, we suggest an inspection by a certified environmental hygienist adhering to IICRC guidelines. They will assess contamination levels and provide remediation protocols for our technicians.

Job Estimate and Contract Proposal

We will submit estimates reflecting the hygienist’s outlined scope of work to you. We will offer a contract detailing payment terms and draws based on the total amount. This contract covers our services throughout the mold remediation process unless unforeseen extended damages are exposed.

Remediation and Air Purification

Upon contract signing, our certified mold technicians will initiate remediation, including diligent cleaning, necessary demolition, continual air purification per established protocols, and the utilization of appropriate protective gear. Our experience and commercial-grade equipment restore properties to healthy standards.

Wrap Up

When retrieving equipment, we will conduct a final walkthrough to address outstanding questions. Post-remediation clearance testing will be scheduled upon request.

Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Process

Rapid Response

Mold intensifies over time, so we mobilize our technicians as soon as possible after we receive a call. We isolate affected areas, communicating the following steps to limit further household exposure until full containment protocols are enacted. Rapid response also provides peace of mind to unsettled homeowners dealing with a stressful situation.

Air Quality Testing

Before remediating mold, depending on the severity, we may recommend employing an Industrial Hygienist who will test moisture levels and contamination concentrations to determine appropriate protocol. The certified hygienist uses industry appropriate methods to detail affected areas and possessions for the remediation process.

They will also gather baseline air samples from the containment zone and adjoining rooms to compare spore types and quantities. These diagnostics inform precise remediation scopes targeting identified infestation sources.


We isolate mold contamination by sealing off affected rooms using industry approved containment. Commercial air scrubbers generate a constant negative pressure inside containment zones, forcing spore-filled air to vent outdoors rather than circulate internally.

This protective measure aligns with IICRC guidelines to prevent cross-contamination while our crew works within the enclosure. Strict off-limits protocols further reduce the risk for occupants by keeping them away from dangerous particulates.

Mold Removal

Donning the appropriate PPE, our technicians first identify the most heavily contaminated materials for priority remediation. We carefully discard contaminated drywall, insulation, carpets, and other porous furnishings incapable of thorough cleaning. The meticulous removal continues until all visible mold and moisture-laden components are removed from the structure.

We also salvage possessions lacking contamination to limit unnecessary demolition costs. Containment procedures align with IICRC guidelines to prevent spores from spreading into clean areas during debris transfer outdoors.

Clean-Up and Decontamination

After concluding the necessary material demolition, our technicians thoroughly scrub all remaining containment surfaces using antimicrobial cleaners. We apply these solutions to remove difficult mold stains and inhibit regrowth.

Our remediation technicians use all current protocols to decontaminate unaffected possessions, preventing contact transfer of spores if items were shelved beside contaminated materials pre-remediation. When requested we can solidify the process by spraying growth-resistant sealants along wall studs and joists to reinforce reconstructed drywall and flooring against future infiltration.

Mold Damage Repairs

After eliminating contaminants, our team focuses on structural restorations to ensure safe re-occupancy. Our licensed contractors handle repairs like installing new mold-resistant drywall, replacing flooded carpets with waterproof vinyl plank flooring, regrouting mildewed bathroom tiles. Our start-to-finish approach provides single-source accountability while simplifying the process.

Common Questions About Mold

What Is Mold, and Why Is It Growing on My Property?

Mold grows by releasing spores into the air. Spores are invisible to the naked eye and can spread and grow to create colonies anywhere in the home as long as moisture and oxygen are present. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants and potentially cause other health effects.

How Can I Eliminate Mold?

Mold occurs naturally, and there is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in an indoor environment; the way to control indoor mold growth is to control its source.

Why Choose TRG

Mold Remediation Service

Mold can intensify damage exponentially if left unchecked. TRG offers prompt response so affected property owners receive appropriate containment support upon discovering microbial growth. Our in-house experts will dispatch technicians as necessary.

Professional Mold Remediation Methods

Advanced tools operated by certified technicians produce smoother restoration results than frustrating solo attempts with limited supplies. We leverage commercial-grade HEPA air scrubbers and industrial dehumidifiers to achieve mold remediation that is unreplicable with residential equipment. Our powerful air scrubbers filter over 99% of particles down to 0.03 microns, extracting microscopic spores other units miss.

We also utilize foggers reaching structural cavities that typical DIY mold removal cannot penetrate effectively. Strict adherence to established containment protocols informed by IICRC guidelines demonstrates our attention to safety.

Insurance Assistance

The vast majority of basic homeowners insurance and commercial property policies cover various types of mold remediation and associated restoration costs. Mold containment, cleanup, remediation and repairs are typically covered, however we urge you to always check with your provider to confirm your coverage specifics.

Let Us Help You Recover From a Storm

Storm flooding can produce excessive moisture that fuels rapid mold growth if left unchecked. Safeguard your property after severe weather by utilizing our full-service storm damage restoration services. Click the link for more details.

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