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Dover, Delaware is home to over 36 000 residents and is the capital of Delaware. As a city with over 300 years of history, it is full of historic sites and buildings. When you come to Dover you can expect to find friendly folk, loads of historic sites, museums, and even a modern racing motorway. Dover spreads over only 22.7 square miles, but it is surprisingly rich in content for such a small area. 

Due to it being the capital and the second-largest city in the state, Dover is frequently visited by tourists. Discover what attracts that many to Dover each year. 

History of Delaware DE

A Brief History of Milford, DE

Dover was named after Dover UK. It was founded back in 1683 and is the second-largest city in the state. It was made to be the seat of the newly founded Kent County. During the Civil War, both Kent County and Dover were deeply divided over the issue of slavery. Dover was a stop of the underground railway, yet the area still had slaves of its own. It is considered that the influence of slavers mostly spilled over from the nearby state of Maryland. 
Dover has a long list of historical buildings that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

Dover is colloquially known as the Capital of the First State. 

Things To Do in Dover, DE

Dover Motor Speedway is very popular with both in and out-of-state visitors. The many different acrobatics, races, and stunts that the professional drivers perform on this Speedway are truly impressive.

If crazy car stunts are not your thing, Dover also has a long list of historical sites to visit and explore like the Johnson Victrola museum. Discover the history that reaches back to the founding of this great nation. 

And if you are looking for musical entertainment: Dover is home to the Firefly Music Festival which attracts thousands of young music fans from all over the US.

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