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Tailored Commercial Construction Solutions

When it comes to commercial construction, we realize that each client is unique and requires a dedicated, custom approach. This is just one of the many benefits of working with The Restoration Group on commercial construction projects. We ensure that every structure, schedule, contract, and delivery method is analyzed in order to deliver the best-suited model and method for the client’s specific needs. Our team has the training, experience, and commitment required to deliver you the highest quality service. 

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Commercial Construction Company

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Commercial Construction Delivery Methods

The Restoration Group offers multiple commercial construction delivery methods to all of our clients. Each business model is unique with its specific goals and methods. By have a choice between multiple methods you have the ability to choose the best option for you based on your priorities, vision and availability. 

Keep in mind that each of these delivery methods can be further specified and reworked to meet your specific needs. 

Design, Bid & Build

With this option, you separate the steps of the construction project. The owner hires architects and engineers to finish the design. When the details of the project are specified, the project moves on to the bid and build. It is the architect that represents the owner like an agent and publishes the project for competitive bids from general contractors. These projects are built off of the pre-established specifications.

Unit Cost Contract

This sort of contract is based on a pre-defined cost of work based on a certain measuring unit like a square foot, linear foot, or some other method. This is usually recommended for projects where the scope of work is not clearly defined and when scheduling is a priority. Often, this sort of a contract is based on a published unit cost databases like  R.S. Means®, Xactimate® or other resources.

Time & Material Based Contract

For this contract, you predetermine the timeline along with the pricing and the mark-up. It starts with the owner hiring the contractor. It is the contractors duty to self perform, subcontract and manage the entire project based on the agreed upon timeline and cost. This option is probably the best option for the owners who have a strong focus on finishing the project within a certain budget and time scope. 

Commercial Construction Management Services

Commercial management means that contractors can quote the cost of general conditions and mark-up rate on job costs, and after an agreement is reached, the contractor solicits bids from subcontractors.

Some of the advantages of commercial construction management services  include saving time or money. This is possible due to the early formation of the construction team early in the design process. 

Direct communication allows for ease and accuracy between all parties. The owner, contractor, engineer, and architect all cooperate to hire the best possible subcontractor. 

Commercial Construction Management